Are Battanians weak?

There’s plenty of factors that make them seem “weak”, but there’s also some RNG involved for sure. I have two passive playthroughs, a Aserai trade merchant, and a Sturgian blacksmith arms dealer. In both cases Battania is holding their own with zero interference by me whatsoever. Particularly in the Aserai playthrough, they’re proud owners of Varcheg, Sargot, and Lageta.

But as far as starting off, they have the fewest towns out of any faction and are surrounded on all sides.

Breakdown goes as such : Towns/Castles/Villages

Aserai - 8/9/40 Vlandia - 8/8/36 Sturgia - 7/8/32 S. Empire - 7/8/34 N. Empire - 6/9/32 W. Empire - 6/8/31 Khuzait - 6/9/19 Battania - 5/8/33

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