You are just offered a six-figure salary, full benefits, company car, free housing, and lots of paid vacation. Your job: executioner. Do you take the position or not? Why?

Yes I would take it. Since you gave me the method of how they can die. I would poison there desert and would hope they ate it last so they can die satisfied instead of a bunch of people looking at them.

However I maybe biased since my uncle was what you call "an executioner", it would way on me a lot. Not knowing there case and knowing full well that (from a US standpoint) that our legal system is screwed up that I may be putting an innocent man to death. But that is me my uncle on the other hand, has unfortunately put 250 men to their next life.

His first job was a security clerk at a government facility. Then was told he would earn more in a prison. So he walked the cubes for 5 years till he was promoted among the guards. He ran a tight ship and any of his guards who took bribes or messed up prisoners, he would fire on the spot. He even went so far as to check a month later, depending on how much a guard fucked up a prisoner is to screw over his application.

About a couple years later he was asked to become a warden, so he took that job meaning more pay. His prison was a model prison of how a prison/jail should be ran. He would come home about 3 am and go back to work at 5 am. He would stay late and talk to prisoners just so they had someone to talk to. My ex-aunt divorced him because he spent to much time at his job. After he was Warden, he somehow cleaned it up enough where all the ethnic groups did not bother anyone and molesters (which I think is bad) could walk around freely without fear of being killed. He then took a huge pay cut to become part of the execution process because he felt his life would mean more if he could help a person reconcile their own guilt with themselves and hopefully die happy. He saw his beautiful prison ran back into the ground after a corporation pretty much took control and saw all that he worked for lost. He was for 10 years the one who "pulled the lever", "pushed the button", "gave the order to fire" or any other thing movies have shown.

However something he always said to me and I will never forget this. "When you watch a man who has no chance die, that only then does it give your own life a new meaning".

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