Why are "location" subreddits always such shitholes?

I mod a Canadian "location" sub on my main account, and I'm getting damn sick of it. I'm ready to quit any time now. It's a somewhat smaller city, so the sub isn't very active, but when it is, it's the same questions over and over. Can anybody fuckin' read? Take two seconds to see what was posted last week, it's only the 4th post down... That's not even the main problem. People seem to also think it's a good place to ask where to buy drugs. Or again, like you said, petty meaningly fights about worthless nonsense. I've tried to put some effort into creating a positive atmosphere, but nobody seems to care. It's got to the point where it's just draining me out, and I hardly give a shit anymore. I used to be tollerant and lenient on a lot of things, but I think I've removed more posts in the last 2 months than the entire last year, just so I could try maintaining a false impression of a positive attitude within the sub. I feel like my efforts are pointless though, as the shit just continues to spew in.

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