Why do Asian people like white people so much?

I dont know where you live but many asians stereotypically like asians. I have seen asians intentionally not meeting other races for some kind of reasons (mostly cultural comfort i guess).

To answer your question: 1) steady exposure to Hollywood movies projecting on white people -> make asian people familiarized to certain race more than others. 2) in fact asians in my country do not romanticize whites that much. We do have whitening cream and shits and it doesnt mean they buy it to look like white people. They just want their skin tones brighter and spotless. “Whitening” is not the best word for sure by American standards but its the selling phrase at least here. 3) each person is just different. I see “no asians” alot before on apps before. Just dont take it too personally!

Im asian living in an east asian country.

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