Audio recording of amber telling johnny "No one will believe you because you are a Man "

I think there's a little bit of leeway because personality disorders like BPD aren't exactly widely known yet among the general public. If you're someone with BPD who's never heard of the disorder then you probably don't even realise there's anything wrong with you. It's how you think and experience everything everyday, it's just 'normal. Taking a slightly softer approach might encourage more sufferers to seek help rather than ruining their life and the lives of those around them.

Of course if they don't change or keep relapsing and hurting the people around them then there's nothing wrong with just giving up, but the same can be said for any mental disorder. I had to leave someone I was dating with depression because she refused to get help and at a certain point I thought "fuck it, I give up". I would still give someone with depression a chance to heal in the future though.

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