Ancaps at 'Liberty Weekly' have a whole string of videos debunking Anti-China propaganda. Extremly red-pilled content (but not quite based cos they're crazy ron paulyites.)

I was actually a right-wing libertarian many years ago and there is a libertarian to communist pipeline. Basically, yes, right-wing libertarians sometimes do a good job in criticizing the government, it fits well into their rhetoric about "government bad" and "freedom" and whatever to point out how corrupt and warmongering the US's government is.

The problem, though, is their solutions make zero sense. "The government is corrupted by wealthy business interests, therefore, we need to hand over all control directly to those business interests!"

Their argument for it makes no sense, they say that if the government is "shrunk" so it loses the institutions it uses to do the corrupt things its does, then that means those institutions won't exist, so therefore wealthy business elites can't use them to do bad things either.

The problem with this line of thinking, though, is if you dismantle the government and hand over all power to private interests directly, what is then stopping those private interests from just creating those institutions again? If you dismantle the government by leave all the power in the hands of the oligarchs, why wouldn't the oligarchs just immediately build that government back up again?

It makes literally no sense. That's why there is a real libertarian to communist pipeline. Because many make good criticisms but propose batshit "solutions" which you have to have the IQ of a walnut to buy into. So people who actually take the criticisms seriously and want to find real solutions, given enough time, end up coming over to Marxism.

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