Avery’s Move to Syria - The elephant in the room



Subreddit icon r/90DayFiance •Posted byu/ith228 10 hours ago Avery’s Move to Syria - The elephant in the room It’s time to address the elephant in the room.

There is no reasonable or rational reason why a US citizen would disregard all US State Dept travel warnings and basic common sense to eagerly move to a country plagued with a decade long civil war. I would even argue Syria is one of the most if not the most dangerous country on earth one could “immigrate to”.

There is future in Syria for Avery, no jobs, no infrastructure, no legitimate pathway for immigration, no gas or electricity in many parts, no US embassy (it suspended operations 8 years ago), and almost nonexistent quality of life in most places. She doesn’t speak Arabic and wouldn’t be able to navigate her new life and there would be nowhere for her to go if many of the major cities have been bombed out. It is beyond comprehension why any human being would willingly venture into a warzone where 1/4 of the population has fled into diaspora as refugees and hundreds of thousands of civilians have already been murdered. Bombings, militias, kidnappings, and chemical warfare abound. So why can’t they stay in Lebanon?

Given these reasons the only explanation I can possibly come up with is that she has been radicalized and wants to move to Syria for more nefarious reasons. This is apparent when she said she didn’t even want to bring her phone (would she even get service anyway?) with her! She should be placed on a no-flight list or even better, be denied entry into Lebanon.

Edit: Yes I know Im late but it’s still relevant. Just today she posted an Insta story of wanting to move to Latakia.


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level 1 Mamallamababydrama Score hidden · 5 hours ago I think she’s just a true, sheltered and ignorant idiot. She’s in LUV and is only envisioning them getting their groove on by moonlight and not considering the rest of life. She has no frame of reference beyond the speculation and she suffers from the very dangerous “it wOnt happen to me” mentality.

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level 2 NinjaGrrrl7734 Score hidden · 5 hours ago I remember being that foolhardy. I thought I was so bulletproof. Could use a drop of that now.

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level 3 PhoenixDogsWifey Score hidden · 37 minutes ago Shhhh I didn't come here to feel attacked lol

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level 1 XCXD go brush your ass Score hidden · 7 hours ago I don't think she's radicalized at all. She's not serious enough about it, and she really just seems like a dumb kid looking for the box she fits in.

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level 2 Lappy313 YOU NEED TO BE NICE TO ME! Score hidden · 4 hours ago Me neither. I think she's saying she's moving just to be shocking. Like her vegetarian phase, which might have been slightly shocking to her meat & potatoes midwestern family too, but she ramped things up with the Islam/Syria stuff.

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level 2 JaneElizabeth2 Score hidden · 4 hours ago That's one hell of a way to find her box! I'm scared for her. No man in the world is worth what's she's doing! If she were my daughter, she would be chained to her bed until she came to her senses. (I would feed her and let her bathe). But damn girl! Also, if I was her mother, I would call the FBI, CIA, Immigration, whomever I needed and report her myself to keep her off the airplane, in this country and probably alive. Can you tell me who/where the influence came from for her interest and eventual conversion to islam? She knows absolutely nothing about life!

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level 2 michapman2 Score hidden · 2 hours ago I agree. I don’t even really believe her when she says she wants to move to Syria in secret. I think that she just said that to the cameras, but they are planning to just go to Lebanon.

“Before the 90 Days” is the most contrived version of this show, because the couples aren’t necessarily engaged or involved in the visa process. The only stipulation is that they are talking to each other online, so none of their plans have to pan out or even come close to fruition.

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level 1 Quantius Score hidden · 7 hours ago I very much doubt she has nefarious plans. She’s an attention whore to the max. She hasn’t changed from her wild girl party days, she’s just changed the mode of how she gets attention. Same shit, different outfit.

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level 2 edmandyouabook Score hidden · 6 hours ago 55% accurate, which in 90 day land is the equivalent of 99.9%

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level 2 VioletsTown Score hidden · 31 minutes ago Nailed it. In her corner of the world, there's probably nothing more shocking then to suddenly start covering her hair and speaking a few Muslim phrases she's learned.

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level 1 primusinterpares1 Score hidden · 5 hours ago Meh, it's not genuine, just like Paul was supposed to move to Brazil with Karine, and then a sharp eyed customer saw them shopping at Best buy in Kentucky or some shit. Avery might be stupid but she's not crazy and neither are the TLC producers, she knows that after broadcasting her intentions to go to Syria, it's almost certain that she'll be kidnapped and she'll be the star of an an ISIL special video. So , no , that attention seeking flake is not going to live in Syria

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level 2 honeywagondriver Score hidden ·It's almost unbelievable that some sheltered teenager from the Midwest would just up and leave to live in such a dangerous place because some guy said nice things to her on the internet and over the phone

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