Azerbaijani soldiers surrounded and pointed weapons at Armenian villagers, so one villager took out a grenade and pulled the ring. The incident was settled by the forces of the Armenian and Russian border guards.

I agree, I can be nationalist, but that doesn't make me unreasonable or delusional. What a lot of Armenians fail to understand is that Azerbaijani nationalism today exists because of necessity. Armenians also fail to understand that the "claims" for Zangezur exist as a way to show that two can play this game. This is a whole different topic...but I could elaborate if you'd like.

You seem like a level headed guy, and I guarantee if there were more Armenians that think like you, we would be able to actually have some productive and realistic conversations about lasting peace in the near future. So far the vast majority seem to scream insults wanting more war and bloodshed, so you can't really blame the opposing side for reciprocating that.

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