[B/s] Confession Time - Sex With Sister

Feels good to finally 'talk' about this for the first time ever. As far as I know, only me and my sister know any of this. I can't imagine she's told anybody but you never know.

Fast forward a few days from our first time. Nothing has been said between me and my sister. We've probably been a little shy with each other but if our parents noticed anything, they didn't say. It was a weekend, Saturday or Sunday, can't remember and it's not important. Mum and dad were going out with friends for a couple of hours but not until later, around 9:00 pm. or something. I'd been sitting in my room for hours wondering if anything was going to happen with sis when they were out and was going out of my mind not knowing if she'd want to or not.

As soon as our parents were out of the house I stripped down to my boxer shorts and went to my sisters room. Her door was shut and she was playing music. I remember feeling very nervous and just sort of drummed my fingers against her closed door, not wanting to walk right in straight away. No reply though, nothing. I did it again and she turned her music off. I just stood there in the hallway wondering what to do next. Then I heard her flick her light switch. I turned the hallway light off and I could tell that she must have turned her bedroom light off as it was dark under the small gap at the bottom of her door. I stood there for a while longer and then slowly opened her door. Sure enough it was dark in there but her bedroom was at the front of the house and a streetlight lit up her window a bit so I could see ok.

I went over to her bed and she was under the duvet. I asked if she was awake (I knew she must have been but asked anyway) but she didn't answer. I sat on the floor beside her bed and put my hand under the covers straight onto her knee. She didn't move or say anything. I started slowly rubbing her leg, moving my hand further and further up until I felt her pubic hair with my fingers. She had no panties on again. I could feel she had a t-shirt or something on though. I knew that we were going to fuck again at that moment and I removed my own underwear.

I got my other hand under under the covers and slowly pushed her other leg over so that I could get access to her pussy with my fingers. I rubbed around her pussy a little and then stroked my finger between her lips. Fuck she was wet. I mean really wet. The only time she'd been that wet before was after I'd been licking her to orgasm and I hadn't even started licking her this time.

My finger slipped easily into her hole and I started fingering her. The angle was awkward though so I got up on the bed and straight between her thighs. I wanted to see those tits again so I pulled her shirt up and started licking and sucking her nipples like before. I planned to lick her pussy next but when I moved up to kiss her first, she got her tongue in my mouth and wrapped her ankles around my calfs/backs of knees so I couldn't move down.

I forgot about the pussy licking and reached straight down to move my cock into position. As I did, she sort of raised her hips and my cock slid straight inside her. No pushing or fumbling this time, straight in. I remember thinking how hot and wet she felt inside. More so than the first time, or maybe I just didn't notice first time around.

(I'm really sorry for anybody interested or following this but I'm running real late now and have got to log off. I hope this posts ok and I'll be back to continue this next chance I get.)

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