Why Millennials Understand The Future Of Work Better Than Anyone Else

It'd be nice to actually discuss this as a face to face conversation rather than typing back and forth it'd be easier to get things across. I'm not against college and I think it really helps people who are cut out for it do far better in life than they would without it. I'm going to draw you a picture of what my graduating class from high school looks like currently six years after graduating by breaking it into 4 groups.

Group A - The kids that were in the bottom third of the class. They are primarly working terrible jobs and barely making above minimum wage.

Group B - The kids that were in the top third of the class. They went to college got a degree and are now working in the fields they studied in and are doing quite well.

Group C - The kids in the middle third that choose not to go to college. They are now working stable jobs with descent pay, where I grew up this would be people who are working at grain mills or the electric company.

Group D - Also from the middle third but choose to go to college. They are currently working the same jobs as group C, but they took 2-4 years out of their life to go to school and took on a bunch of debt.

The people from Group D would all tell you they wished they hadn't gone to college and that it was a waste of time and money for them in hind sight. When you look at the stats though they will still say that people who go to college do better than those that don't because Group A pulls down the stats of those that didn't and Group B pulls up the stats of those that did. What I'm trying to point out is that for those in the middle things aren't as cut and dry, and going to college can very much end up being the wrong decision.

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