Badly describe your OTPs

Mina/Izuku Extrovert bundle of joy + Introvert cinnamon bun = Shenanigans and a very exhausted and very much done teacher.

Cassandra/Rapunzel The Moon and The Sun are arguing again... oh, forget it, they are already making up.

Cassandra/Elsa Former villain meets former princess and both discover they have the same liking for dramatical singing.

Blitzo/Stolas Tiny asshole and sex addict find love and happiness with each other

Charlie/Vaggie Woman finds only ray of sunshine in an absolute crapsack world and vows to protect it.

Korra/Asami "You know what, fuck that guy. LET'S DATE EACH OTHER INSTEAD!"

Korra/Kuvira, Catra/Adora The villain and the hero sure do seem to get intimate whenever they are at each others throats.

Catra/Glimmer A cat and bunch of glitter spend most of the day fighting/cuddling each other.

Catra/Adora/Glimmer, Same as above but now there's a dumb brawny girl being sandwiched by both.

Korra/Asami/Kuvira sometimes the genius girl wonders if she is the only sane one between the brawny girl and the villain girl.

Catra/Scorpia Short girl and her buff girlfriend decide to give the middle finger to the rest of the world and go live in a desert.

Luz/Amity Yeah, we gay and we do magic!

Pink Pearl/Spinel/Pearl Three alien women traumatized, in different ways, by the same fucking person, what are the odds!?

Peridot/Lapis Just two aroaces from space V I B I N G.

Fem Shep/Samantha Traynor There's a galactic-war that could end in total mass extinction going on, but, damn, that comm specialist sure is pretty.

Nick Wilde/Judy Hopps Rapunzel/Eugene 2.0 done better (IMO)... and furry

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