Please gush to me about your WIPs!

I've been working on actually writing my goddamned massive crossover for so many years now, but I keep managing to change things up to make later chapters better. I'm knee-deep planning an entire second and third part of the story (it was only meant to be one part, but a lot of scrapped and new ideas alike managed to come together to create an entirely new set of parts.)

It's not the most complicated thing in the world, it's a sequel to a Nintendo crossover I did ( This time with more non-Nintendo) with a heavy focus on character interaction than story (but it's still got some, especially heading into the second part.) Basically what Smash Bros. would be if it wasn't so... generic with the stories (which is to say, I completely understand why now.)

I just... I think I may have thrown too much into a pot, and I want to make it all work. There's a lot of cast bloat (if I'm going to mash a bunch of worlds together, I'm going to make characters who shouldn't even be in the same room interact, and through that, I can see why Smash Bros. lightened up on the story so much.) and I feel as though putting random stuff in my distract from an overall narrative (which under normal circumstances, one would call it awful, but like said, I'm not trying to emphasize a story, I'm trying to have fun with it, but even a bunch of chaotic fun needs a little orderly focus.)

Unfortunately, I have a lot of other interests that end up vying for my time (even some relating to my fanfic anyway, like all my OCs I love so much), and I just don't get enough actual writing done. I barely wrote one of the chapters I wanted to get to so bad, and due to some changes, I need to rewrite the whole thing anyway.

Long story short, I love my fanfic and it manages to take up a large majority of my life without actually being written.

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