Beautifully written erotica to help me get off, anyone? ;) {f}

I held the door open for you. I was just trying to be a gentleman, but watching you walk in front of me, I wasn’t thinking gentlemanly thoughts.

The sway of your hips, the stride of your legs… I wanted you then and there. But I behaved, and calmly grabbed a deposit slip, then got in line behind you.

We made pleasant small talk, about the weather and how we were both taking our lunch breaks at odd times, but there was still a pesky line at the bank.

You borrowed my pen, but then dropped it on the floor. I thought I was quick in reaching down to get it, but you were already bending over. Your ass was perfectly in my face. I swear you were taunting me with it. It made me throb with desire.

You walked over to a teller, and I tried to stop staring. I tried to ignore you, and go about my business. I almost succeeded. But then you ran your fingers down my arm to get my attention.

“I almost forgot,” you said. “Your pen.”

Then you walked away.

I almost didn’t notice the note wrapped tightly around my pen. It was another deposit slip, but in very tidy handwriting a short message - FUCK ME IN THE BACK PARKING LOT.

I nearly forgot to collect my cash. My heart was beating fast, and I forced myself to take a deep breath, to stay calm. I started to head back to my car, to just leave… But then I turned. I started to walk along the sidewalk, around the building.

The back lot was a staff-only lot. At this point, I was boiling with curiosity. There was a security gate, but the booth was unmanned. So I ducked under the arm, and casually walked into the parking lot.

“Can I borrow your pen again?”

Your voice - I spin on my heel, and see you leaned up against the wall of the building. Your skirt is pushed up, your panties are pooled around your left ankle. I walk towards you.

Your fingers are feverishly rubbing your clit. With your free hand, you grab my tie and pull me closer. You let your body slide down the wall, lining up the bulge in my pants with your face. Your hand traces down my tie, then around my crotch. Stroking. Probing. Squeezing.

I unzip my pants and pull my cock free.

Your hands reach around to my balls, massaging them. My shaft starts to go hard and thick. You pull on my balls, tugging my whole body closer. I stumble and brace myself against the wall, my dick now brushing against your lips.

You run your tongue over the tip, teasing me harder and harder. I can feel your breath on me. You wrap your lips over me, letting inch after inch slide in. You feel my cock in your throat, your fingers on your clit.

You tease me with your teeth. I grab the back of your neck, and I start to thrust. Tears form in your eyes, and mascara starts to run down your cheeks. I thrust deeper.

You let your tongue slide along my cock. You give my balls a hard squeeze. I let out a growl, and push myself all the way in.

I can’t hold on any more.

Jizz begins to surge down your throat.

You push me back as you start to gag. A stream of cum splatters on your lips, your chin, your neck. You gasp for air, chest heaving. Your clit is twitching from overstimulation.

I adjust and zip up my pants, noticing smears of lipstick on the base of my cock.

“Your pen,” you gasp.

Confused, I pull it out my pocket. You snatch it out of my hands, then wipe my left hand over your tit. Turning my hand over, you scribble your number on my palm.

“Talk to you later.”

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