What is badBIOS, actually? And what's happening/happened over /r/badBIOS?

For half a year, starting in April 2014, /u/fragglet cyberstalked and bullied me in /r/privacy, /r/onions, /r/snowden, /r/linux and /r/badBIOS. He enticed others to bully me and then deleted his comments to conceal his instigation. Subsequently, /u/fragglet became obsessed with /r/badBIOS.

I reported /u/fragglet`s violation of /r/badBIOS rules to the mod.

from /m/SomeTree via /r/badBIOS/ sent 4 months ago "Hi, Thanks for reporting. I warned him. If this happens again, i will ban him. Cheers."

/u/fragglet refused to comply with /r/badBIOS rules. /u/fragglet created /r/truebadbios to:

(1) continue bullying me; and

(2) entice subscribers to abandon ship by switching to /r/truebadbios.

/r/truebadBIOS has a mere 8 subscribers. He learned of your post by reading my cross-post to your post. He is attempting to draw more subscribers from your post.

/m/fragglet is obsessed with me. All his posts and many of his comments in /r/truebadBIOS was on me. I defended myself in /r/truebadBIOS. /u/fragglet banned me.

/m/fragglet abandoned /r/truebadbios. Up until a hour ago, his last post in his subreddit was four months ago.

Fragglet resumed bullying me in /r/badbios. I warned him that he was violating the rules.

/u/fragglet banning today incited him to object several times to /r/badBIOS` mods and to post a third post in his subreddit misrepresenting and bullying me. Because he banned me months earlier, I cannot comment. I PM a request to post my comment. He refused:

"Since you banned me in /r/truebadBIOS, I cannot post a comment. I am requesting that you post my comment. You failed to disclose that:

(1) Several months ago, you banned me in /r/truebadbios.

(2) There is another moderator of /r/badbios.

(3) I banned you after you were warned by founding moderator /m/SomeTree that you were violating the rules. You continued to violate the rules.

(4) Many of my posts, especially in the past two months, are link posts to articles and to NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Some of my posts is advice I credit to redditors who wish to remain anonymous."

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