Being rich can be a problem! How do I explain a complicated career and significant wealth?

That's not because of looks though? Girls generally don't swarm, it's not how most societies work. Attraction =/= swarming.

Well, i just have an anecdote for you. When i was a kid, my parents decided it would be a great idea to live in turkey, so i lived there for a few years from 10 to 14. This was in the late 80's and i was a really really blonde boy (it went to white in the constant sun), which was in that time a rarity. I remember the looks i got from girls, and once me and my sister were visiting a female friend of hers, we were going to pick her up at her school, it was a girls school. We arrived there, standing in front of the fence of the property, and yeah... i got swarmed by girls. There were about 20 or 30 girls at the other side of the fence looking at me, following us giggling and being very excited etc.

Okay, I'm somewhat sceptical because I know plenty of blond turks from the Black Sea area. But hey, I'll believe you. But where's the part where you're so swarmed with girls you can pick one and get laid? Did you get a girlfriend that day? One of them call you a hot piece of ass?

So much for "girls generally don't swarm", also take a look at concerts of boy bands, same thing.

I'd say two situations were underage girls go crazy still fits nicely under "generally not". Shit I never said it cannot happen, I said it's not likely to due to how society works. When it happens it's not even remotely close to how the other guy said it was for men.

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