How to bring up sex without seeming trashy?

Well this the kinda tricky part because this is where you have to read her and see if she would be down for it or if you have to give her an eargasm first. Now luckily I am a pro at giving girl eargasms so I will sorta explain this to you.

An eargasm sparks a girls curiosity of what It would be like to have sex with you which will eventually turn her on and she will ask you "when is the next time you can come over"/ " wanna hook up?" She's basically the one inviting you for sex because by doing this you've raised her urge. One thing you don't say when giving her an eargasm is "You wanna hook up?" Because your the one inviting her. I like doing this because instead of her "letting me hit" she begs me for it. BTW this better over the phone but I've done it through text before so it's possible.

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