The best advice in writing is typically very simple, yet most people dismiss it because it either sounds too good to be true or they want shortcuts.

I interact with plenty of new writers who pose thoughtful questions full of detail after trying their damnedest to research the topic at hand. I don’t mind that. I’m happy to give the advice I can.

But here’s the thing. If you haven’t bothered to research something (even so much as a simple Google search) then I don’t care if it’s unhelpful.

High effort earns high effort. Low effort earns low effort. There’s a real problem these days with people feeling entitled to use this sub like we are some sort of crowd-sourced search engine. If I can find the answer to something with a 30-second Google search, so can you. Now fuck off. (I’m addressing the imaginary wannabe here, not any of my fellow commenters).

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