Big oof

Do you know the history of the word "queer" within LGBT+ people ?

At first, it was very much a slur, used alongside the f-word. But in the last 40 years, it was reclaimed by the same people it was used against and neutralized or used to describe one of the most positive self-identifier as an umbrella for LGBT+ people.

I think you can fact check that on wikipedia or anything.

Either way, the victims of osctractisation throught languages (amonst other) are perfectly allowed to defend themselves by neutralizing the same very language and turning them into a positive. This said, it does not erase the slur intent that can exist from non-queer people.

So either way, you can say it, but the consequences will come if people don't like you saying it as they're taking it as an aggression, like it was always when it came from outside circles.

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