Ability Arena is really fun

Right click is viable just don't overinvest in DPS since right click cores need survivability, attack damage, and attack speed to do their job.

I've won with this hybrid right click build about four times in a row, the first one I had was flesh golem, berserkers blood, feast, and reactive armor, the second one was berserkers blood, culling blade, dispersion, and corrosive skin. I then swapped out culling for manaburn, the third is the most complex one since I had a pure tank with corrosive skin, chemical rage, reactive armor, and dragon's blood, which got transitioned into chemical rage + feast and corrosive skin with reactive armor, and the final one is coup de grace with blink strike, dispersion, and corrosive skin.

My loses came when I overspecialized, I got too many defensive ones with flesh golem, feast, reactive, and dragon's blood thinking flesh/feast would carry the DPS, the tank kept surviving last but did too little damage to solo, the opposite happened on my fifth attempt as I pivoted hard on glass cannon since I got impetus, take aim, and artic burn which cleared heroes in seconds, but I lost too much life in early game so when my right click got assassinated by mortimer's kisses, I died.

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