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I felt like writing a little about the deck. Feel free to ignore :).

DO Control:

Deck character

This deck shines late game. Early and Mid-Game you are very busy to ramp resources and while not losing too much board control. Your anti-cd spells Infiltrare, Vigor Extraction and Tempo Theft help as well as Languid and your destruction spells Kabonk, Soul Steal and Damning Curse.

Ramping resources is accomplished by Tethered Recruit, Vigor Extraction and Imperial Resources.

Cantrips like Kabonk, Pother, Infiltrate, Righteous Partisan, Languid, Brain Lice, Rattle Hymn and Halls of Oum Lasa provide the scrolls to use with gained resources.

Late game offense relies on Harvester and Arbalestier, best combined with Tempo Theft.

Opening strategies

I found going to 3 order first before sacking for decay a good opening. If lucky, Vigor Extraction provides the first decay resource and your next sack yields a wild one.
Aging Knight turn 1 combined with Pother is a very nice way to deal with normally out of range or shielded units.
Without cheap (preferably order) drops I go for a mulligan.
Cycle your deck quickly to get those crucial ramping scrolls.

Problematic Matchups

This deck has a severe weakness against Metal Wonder, since it is very spell dependend. To avoid chewing through ranks of protection, Flip is there to put it in the right place for a hopefully timely destruction.

DG Control seems to reach the lethal level quicker than this deck. Its a hard matchup but no auto-loss.

Deck History

After the nerf to Imperial Resources, poison became more powerful. Festering Freak was added for cheap chump blocking leaving the attacker with a nice gift, Brain Lice has a firm place in the deck. The lack of healing made protecting units less viable, so Wings Warder is gone. One Rattle Hymn replaces a Halls of Oum Lasa; being able to remove opponents lingering spells is a very nice ability.

As far as I know, the original deck-idea came from donkey74. I felt bold enough to post the deck here with my humble changes.


{"deck":"DO Control","author":"Andinator","types":[312,183,270,131,181,357,362,270,57,357,232,190,232,157,181,50,312,343,238,36,238,270,178,131,190,172,238,308,308,232,157,180,183,178,36,172,312,57,308,157,178,183,50,180,131,57,50,343,181,172]}

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