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My I'm Michael, but you can call me Comrade, Kudos to you for reading this!


  • I'm 28 and a new Dad (shoutout to /rloldads), but I still manage to improve at this game. I enjoy keeping the other people on my team calm and reminding them about objectives. I also explain my thought process to viewers in a humorous but educational way.

    • I started playing around season 2 but only began uploading content around late November 2014. I usually play Top (Bruisers, and Lane Bullies i.e. Gnar Quinn, Lissandra) or what ever my team needs. I like to start fights and make good calls on objectives.
    • I post Content Daily that is educational and always entertaining full replays, at 10 am and 10 pm.

My YouTube profile


If there is interest for a live stream let me know! I used to stream here in the past from 8-10pm EST T-Saturday Mondays all day.


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