I boarded a ship that was lost for 36 years [Update]

I decoded it:

Hello navalcanuck, God I hope you read this, I apologize for having to code this for you and I cannot send something to you without leaving at least a bit of trouble for anyone who might be reading this besides yourself.

The anomaly you encountered is more common than you would think people encounter such events in their everyday lives but never to the extreme degree as you or that ship has have you ever heard of time skips?

It is an event that occurs where one seems to lose time, one moment you drive your car, you blink and you are home or the reverse, you drive home at the normal k minute commute only to find it’s been hours, days, years, it doesn’t matter, whatever the situation, it almost never ends for the victims in a pleasant way you probably have no fucking idea just what I am talking about do you?

I know you posted your story on reddit to tell someone, anyone, but have you read the other stories?

Once every now and then you have a story with a similar occurrence like yours, but perhaps a bit altered in minute details that the space and time is to omnipotent to give a shit about these stories vary from stories about lost family members who were lucky enough to have their phones still function to everyday commutes going bat shit insane.

There are many cases of similar things in military experiments and the like as much as I wish I had the time to divulge on this, I really don’t you are a hunted man, perhaps not for your life but for your discredit, what doug said is true, you are protected because if you vanish, that will raise alarm, but you must completely break free from any close relationships you have, anything they can use to discredit you needs to be thrown away, lest it is used against you, and if it’s someone dear to you, god forbid they get their hands on you I’ve dealt with these kinds of people all my life and I will keep an eye on you

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