My "friends" and I played a forbidden board game. Really, we should have just played scrabble instead.

Hmm, does Dr. Lewis exist, or was he made up during the legend telling? A Dr. with access to instruments is scarier than just saying "the house has a mind of its own," but it's filled with a malicious energy that somehow manages these terrible challenges and can possibly make people do or say things they never would due to auditory and visual hallucinations. Jenny was crunched by the walls and acted crazily different for a bit, cussing at Pam and insisting they play the game. It seemed to exit her around the time Steven did...whatever he possibly did. I'm confused how the hell Danny died. Scratching your own eyes is different from having your skull bashed in or your throat ripped out.

They obviously have different memories but their distrust of each other is hiding the truth behind this.

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