If you're the person who makes all the dolls, you need to read this, I'm begging you

[out of character] To begin. I appreciate your contribution and constructive criticism. Really, no sarcasm. When i read it it seemed feminine to me, but it literally cant be described as per OPs post. It’s described as “very soft” and has eyes of color that cant be described. And it feels warm, with plenty of light to boot. Radiant. I specified this is my personal experience with said entity, as to not blur OPs vision. Even when saying “Holy Mother” i specified thats the name I gave it, but i acknowledged it doesn’t fit . As to not blur OP specifically saying you cannot describe the entity. As for my Tier 3, I will admit, it seems as it’s just for shock value, but in OPs post, the entity goes after people who do bad things and get away with it. So in each condition, note I provided context to relay the point you cannot be discovered. I tried to think of the worst things a human could do(and im not a great writer such as OP) so itll come off as just edgy, but i tried! Again, thanks for your criticism and ill try and make sense better in the future.

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