Bobby McDonagh: The Great British Brexit tantrum

The cognitive dissonance that leads governments to double down on folly. The banishment of any self-doubt by an increased devotion to the Brexit cult. The determination not to concede an inch to half the British public, traitors all, who opposed Brexit and now wish to see at least a close and sensible relationship with Europe.

UK psychology continues to reflect the explicit hostility to experts which made fertile the ground in which the seeds of Brexit were able to flourish. In the ongoing negotiations, valuing expertise remains synonymous with heresy; the interests of British business remain secondary. Coronavirus has obliged some rethink about expertise in London. The importance of fact-based decision making is now as plain as a pikestaff. However, for the moment, Brexit remains largely immune from the inconvenience of pesky facts.

These two things being why you can't really debate Brexit in any meaningful way and rifts will never be healed. There's no middle ground between beliefs based on political lies vs cold hard reality.

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