Bolsonaro volta a defender Ustra e diz que número de mortos na Ditadura é igual a no Carnaval. "Morreram pessoas em que circunstâncias? Hoje morre isso no Carnaval e não se fala nada", disse o capitão da reserva ao minimizar os mortos no regime militar.

Fallacy of relative privation

The "Children Are Starving In Africa!" Argument.

Arguing that expressing concern about a (relatively) small problem means that the person doesn't care about any larger problems. The fallacy can be thought of as a combination of False Dichotomy, Strawman and Red Herring, taking the opponent's claim and appends to it the following additional claims:

That it is not possible to care about several big and small problems simultaneously. (False Dilemma) That venting a minor complaint is an assertion that that the major problem is considered unimportant. (Strawman / Red Herring)

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