The Boston Globe has declared us a hipster haven.

I oppose homosexual adoption, and especially, surrogacy-aided homosexual conception because I think it crosses the line from merely self-indulgent behavior and into purposefully drawing people who had no choice in the matter (children) into the center of a (arguably) decadent lifestyle.

That doesn't mean I can't recognize the essential role that their vanguardism has in helping to renew downtrodden areas. It doesn't even mean that I can't tolerate, like or even appreciate specific homosexuals as individuals.

It's called being able to compartmentalize your thoughts and feelings. Something that distinguishes thinkers from your average /r/politics or /r/the_donald retard.

Moralists, sentimentalists (i.e. those who hold beliefs because they feel it's good rather than because they have thought it through) and those who demand total adherence to official narratives will always be outraged by these kinds of heterodox ideas, but that's ok with me.

As you are probably an ex-mormon (as 95% of people who get really angry at me in this subreddit seem to be), I understand that you have an axe to grind in order to prove to the world that you are "a good person" and rid yourself of the guilt of being associated with a religion which is "bad" as judged by the "good people" which you are ultimately aspiring to be like. But I assure you, nobody cares, and more importantly you shouldn't care.

Love gays by all means if you want, but understand that your moral crusade is no different than what the Elders are doing at the temple every Sunday, you just changed jerseys halfway through the game, when what you should really be doing, is exiting the field.


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