143 words Stacey Abrams won’t concede to Brian Kemp because his voter suppression was ‘truly appalling’ 109 words Kerry: ‘People are going to die' due to Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate deal 319 words Nearly 3,000 Votes Disappeared From Florida’s Recount. That’s Not Supposed to Happen. 291 words Obamacare repeal architect Tom MacArthur defeated by former Obama adviser 119 words Trump to Visit California Fire Scene as Death Toll Rises 186 words Stacey Abrams' team prepares push for new vote 193 words Trump Just Blurted Out, Unprompted, That He Installed His Pet Attorney General Over the Russia Probe 712 words Trump’s battle to destroy the Mueller investigation is officially doomed 144 words White evangelicals will never dump Trump — but those who leave the churches will 173 words McConnell Blocks Senate Bill Protecting Mueller Investigation 200 words Ohio Democrats outpolled Republicans in Statehouse races, but will remain in the deep minority; what's ahead for gerrymandering 113 words Trump claims to know about 'the inner workings' of Mueller's probe 134 words Mitch McConnell has done grave damage to all three branches of government 504 words Retired Army general says Trump skipped veterans event in France to 'eat cheeseburgers' and 'watch TV' 109 words Trump Supporter Screams ‘F—-ing Jews’ At Florida Recount Protest 132 words The NRA doesn’t care about black heroes: Jemel Roberson was “the good guy with a gun” 176 words Right After France Trip, Trump Threatens To Pull US Military Funds 143 words Kyrsten Sinema wins, will become the first Democratic senator from Arizona in a quarter century 151 words In World War I remembrance, France’s Macron denounces nationalism as a ‘betrayal of patriotism’ 119 words Sinema's lead in Arizona grows as some GOP officials distance themselves from Trump's claims of misconduct