Budget-ish Gladiator Deck: Explanation below.

I figured I'd do one of these as a payback for the help I've received from the subreddit over the past few months. This is by no means the greatest deck of all time but it did get me to Stage 2 of the KC Cup.

Basically I don't have the SR Gladiator card that is required for the top tier Gladiator Deck but I made due with what I had. So this is a budget-ish deck.

Restart is my go to ability because if you have a dead hand you'll more than likely be able to have a better hand by using the ability. However it's not a be all end all. Something like Switcheroo or the like would be doable.

Your win condition is to basically break whatever your opponent's strategy is and survive long enough to get GB Augustus out or one of the Fusion monsters (the SR one works better in my opinion if you can get 3 out there).

I know I have 21 cards as opposed to 20 but I mainly did that as an insurance policy by adding Double Summon to get a fusion card out ASAP if I don't think I can attack.

Most of the other stuff is standard but you can tinker with it as to your play style.

Main trouble is if you go up against CA Dakini unless you have Enemy Controller you basically are a sitting duck but that's rare in the game to be bricked like that.

If you have any questions or improvements let me know.

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