A bunch of incels raving about how eating pussy is "disgusting" and they wouldn't do it.. As if they had the opportunity to do so. Talk about choosy beggars.

Giving a woman oral sex can most definitely be an act of dominance, first off. Secondly, making a woman come can also be an act of dominance, especially if she's multi-orgasmic and you get her going to the point that she can't breathe and had to beg you to stop so she can get her bearings.

But that aside, none of these guys will ever, ever get the opportunity to find out what it's like to give oral sex to a woman, so I don't know why they're bothering to talk about it.

These are men who very definitely deserve to be alone. I used to have compassion for incels, a long time ago. I used to wish I could help, I used to want to try, anyway. These days, I'm just relieved that no woman will go near them, for the sake of the women and the sake of the world.

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