A dating expert

There totally is a minimum level of attractiveness required for me to want to have sex with/date someone. That's absolutely true.

However, most men will meet that minimum if they put a little effort into their appearance. Maintain healthy weight, shower, groom yourself nicely. That is my minimum. If you do that, a few centimeters on your jawline is really not going to matter much. Ofc, some men will still be naturally more attractive, but the minimum is relatively simple to meet.

Every woman has different standards though, for example my best friend loves chubby/overweight men with facial hair. My other friend likes short skinny guys. My "ideal"(I use quotes because I've been insanely attracted to men who fall outside of this because of their personality)man is a couple inches taller than me, who is fairly fit but not crazy jacked, and I like high cheekbones. But I've also slept with, and enjoyed, short chubby guys with soft faces.

The other commenter is right, personality matters a lot. If I met the hottest man I've ever seen, but he was a dick, and a fairly unattractive man(but who still meets my minimum of showering and getting a haircut) who had a great personality and connected with me, I'd choose the latter every time. In my experience, actual nice guys are way better in bed than hot guys who think that's the only attribute they need.

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