Here’s the thing though, MOST OF US ARE NORMAL PEOPLE like I know we get a lot of shit for so many different reasons and some of them are very valid yes! The thing is though most of us can’t do anything about the shit that’s going on. We as normal ass people can’t rehome our huge homeless population. We normal ass people cant change our insanely high rent and bills. We normal ass people just try to respect other people and want a normal helpful inviting of all kinds state where we can all get along. We are far from that but damn it’s not like all of us will come chasing after you for accidentally misgendering someone, like there’s lots of Californians who need to calm the hell down but there’s way more Californians who know that. I tend to find that Republicans here get scared of being looked down on for being Republican so they just become EXTRA ULTRA Republican which just adds to our already chaotic place. I wish I could just make everyone in the world take a chill pill and vibe by the beach that’s really all that most basic Californians want

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