Can you distract me with your story, good, bad, funny or sad?

Almost a decade ago now, I used to work for a call center that did its own thing plus handled calls for a number of other companies - from teleshopping to a raunchy pay TV channel to tech support for household appliances - so the calls were wildly, wildly diverse. One of those was based on the customer signing up for two sub-par but not horrible mobile phone contracts, getting two extremely basic phones, and some kind of expensive gift: a motor scooter, or a laptop, or... things like that. I rather liked that project because it was easy, fun, and people were mostly either merry or crazy (like the guy who asked the agent he was talking to if she would mind if he started masturbating because the call was taking quite long and he would like to finish before his parents came home). Every day we would have at least a few people telling us that "it's quite alright, you can keep the phones and contracts, I just want the free scooter". Nnnnno. Obviously not how it works. But knowing this tidbit gets relevant later on. This one time I had a delightful young woman call in who wanted the contracts and the laptop, we went through all her usual data - name, address, SSN, etc., without a hitch, until I asked for her e-mail address. "Do you need to know that?" "Well... not strictly speaking, but it would make things a lot easier for all involved." "I guess... alright... it's [email protected]" Chuckling internally, I continued the call as usual, and had her pick her laptop model, where she chose the most tricked out one, where she had to pay what I considered a fair sum on top of signing the two contracts. Then she asked: "Hey, can I just get the laptop, without any contracts?" "screaming internally because I thought she was smarter than thisYes, you definitely can, but be advised that you would then have to pay the value of the laptop in full." "Oh, okay. turns away from the phone HONEY! WILL YOU BUY ME A LAPTOP? ... back to me Yes, I'll purchase a second one." Neither of them even asked how much the full price was. I obviously never asked, consummate professional that I am, but the considering both the cocainelady email address and their complete disregard for what totalled a significant bit of money made me feel like there might be a connection between the two. But it cannot be said that it wasn't a complete delight talking to her, great customer, great spender, and possible drug kingpin that she was.

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