Can somebody sum up for me why the Black Manosphere seem to have collectively turned on Fresh and Fit?

Nah i hear you fam. They are some nerdy mf’s but thats not the point. They are pretty much exposing how females think in live action mixed with all their evidence based conclusions. They are pretty much exposing that we live in a society where bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks in live action. They are also proving that most men out here are some goofies getting played. Some people i know are so blue pill they girl would be cheating and they just in denial lmao no cap. I had a few good homies that used to get bare bitches out here but they turned pussy for a girl n either got left or are getting cheated on and they never been the same after that. Like me i never been a sucka but being around pussy niggas had me feeling like whats wrong wit this world. FnF are pretty much exposing whats wrong wit this world and its triggering men and women all over the world. Thats why so many people want them gone. We live in world full of out of line whores and pussy men. But shit if your a real nigga wit money who knows the game, Lifes good no cap.

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