With holidays here, does anyone else feel like “just a crochet gift” isn’t enough?

I feel the same often, but everyone is right: you just have to gift the right person the right thing.

I've had the "less valuable" feeling since first starting to crochet. It might be rooted in unconscious history of the craft! But in any case, it's present, and I empathize.

I experiment a lot (forever and always searching for patterns) and still think knitting for hats and mittens is much tidier and cohesive looking, and smoother and easier to wear, although there are a few stitches in crochet that eliminate the "crocheted" rows/knots feeling. These plainer stitches in wearables are usually better received.

It's because of that "less valuable" ideation of mine that I stick mostly to functional and "less precious" items like housewares (blankets, french press cozys, coasters, wash things boarders for towels and pillowcases etc), toys (kids and pets), decorations (ornaments, gift toppers, little bits) and grocery/produce/beach bags. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It's all a frame of mind, personal preference, and creating something the gift receiver will adore <---this is why kids are the best to make for imo.

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