Canada could go 100% renewable by 2035 if its government gets serious

The current money spent on the environment is somewhat of a notorious waste of money. I work in the sector, and many of the initiatives are well spent upon, but the execution of these rarely happen with a benefit suitable to the money spent. Private companies with government funding are laughing allt he way to the bank by writing "green" or "environmental" on their trucks, and dumping the same crap into nature.

A proper evaluation of the system as a whole would do wonders, stricter enforcement of laws at the corporate level and proper goals set to be reached by a properly led team.

Right now there are over a thousand environmental groups in Ontario alone who are benefiting in one way or another from money put aside for environmental efforts, and little progress is made when compared to the money being spent. Tax write offs and board salaries are well received in many cases.

A bike 1.6 million dollar plus lane isn't going to cut it when you have a city spewing air pollutants in excess of air-quality laws with a free pass. the lane creates stop and go traffic, daily, where there was none before, but it gets the votes. Therein lies your problem. Votes are speaking for action, plans are gathering money and nobody is willing to tackle the difficult problems, like taking of corporations and limiting construction without proper environmental impacts being taken into consideration.

Then you can look at the federal level of things, the Great Lakes shipping routes, air traffic, reduced dependence on foreign goods etc.

But the final say is that we need to better spend money already spent, add in more progressively as time goes on and slowly change attitudes towards the environment through collaboration and offering suitable solutions, as opposed to throwing pointless cash-grabs out for votes.

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