[Charania] Spurs star Kawhi Leonard expected to miss remainder of postseason, committed toward rehab toward full health.

I think your question and opinion on this is entirely reasonable based on how this looks when taken at face value, but the notion of “worse” injuries doesn’t really have any meaning in many of these scenarios.

So, what I mean is that severity is not necessarily the best predictor of the rehab timeline and long term prognosis, because in a situation like this you’ll end up trying to compare an acute injury to a chronic issue which just doesn’t work. An acute injury such as a ligament tear or fracture is going to seem “worse”, but it actually may have a fairly predictable rehab process and better prognosis.

And this is the problem with this whole situation. All of us are speculating because we don’t have his chart, and most people opining on it also do not have any clinical background which then further confuses the conversation. I don’t blame anyone for asking the questions like you asked, but suffice it to say that it’s not necessarily as easy of a rehab process as you, or many others, are assuming.

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