Chem 211 vs Chem 303?

I’ve taken both, and I’d personally recommend Chem 303!!!

Chem 211 lectures are really boring (mainly techniques and stuff), and I genuinely didn’t feel like I learned anything. Labs are stressful because they’re marked out of 5, and being off my more than 1% for the concentration of the solution means you get a 1/5 on the lab. Before labs start, you have to do an exam where your marked on pipetting and reading a burret. Personally, this lab was NOT fun for me it heightened my anxiety over everything.

Chem 303 on the other hand, has NO LABS, and material isn’t terrible. You learn a few formulas, and it’s basically math. The midterm and final exam questions are REUSED, so make sure you look through previous exams!!!! (Chem Student association has them!) The assignments are a big tough, but if you start it before the day it’s due they’re doable! If I remember correctly, each assignment was 3 (or 4) questions and they were worth 1% each. There’s also an opportunity for extra Credit, which is totally worth it. I put minimal effort in this class and managed an A. JUST REMEMBER TO USE THE RESOURCES GIVEN TO YOU. Also, midterm class ave on the first one was a 50% so don’t be frightened by it!! (Like I said go to Chem association and do the previous exams and KNOW how to do them step by step because the questions will show up on your exam). The second midterm class average is higher, around an 85%. When given the chance, GO LOOK AT YOUR EXAMS. The questions from your midterms will show up on the final. (:

As you can probably tell, I preferred 303 over 211.

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