Christian community on campus?

Are you fucking kidding with me? You're the asshole who was just defending the force-feeding of a sex-ed curriculum written by a convicted child molester down the throats of undeveloped children on canadapolitics. You're all for assuring "progress" with your ways and find that it's ok to force them on people because they're your beliefs?

You really want to talk about pushing your beliefs on others you shitbox hypocrite? What a fucking joke.

Here are some quotes from court of the guy you are defending with the sex-ed curriculum. Just letting you know, because I know that you have no idea what you're actually defending when you're trying to toe the line blindly.

The 63-year-old married father of three repeatedly and consistently claimed to have had sex with his own daughters, starting at age 12 (though, as he told one of the officers, “I wish we’d started younger.”).

“‘I pushed two fingers in her mouth” one undercover officer told him of her fictional daughter. “Make her gag on them…I want to make her suck cock,” Levin wrote back. When the undercover officer wrote that she stopped when her daughter began to gag, Levin wrote “Why are you stopping?”

He also suggested the officer kiss her daughter “between blows.” This child was described as being 10 years old.

The Crown called into question a meeting Levin had at the Amsterdam airport with a British parent he’d met on the incest chat site. Levin had discussed the sexual abuse of this man’s three children with him and had photos of these children.

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