Circus Desk: Case of the Ticket Switcher (Part 2)

I guess that's it's good as it gets in retail as for sticking it to scammers. Your story reminded me of when I worked at the paint department for a Home Improvement Mega Depot Store and we would of course sell and tint the various colors offered by the various manufacturers. Now this was like 20 years ago and the computer matching didn't exist and we would have manually tint the requested colors ourselves. There were just a few of us that were allowed to tint the more expensive brands of 5 gallons for the contractors because each 5 gallon had to precisely match that before and that after it and so it took a certain skill. Anyway, one morning a kinda bossy lady customer, who was uber particular wants me to tint up 6 5 gallon buckets in our premium brand most expensive paint. With each bucket she had me test and dry a sample against two or her samples and than shake the bucket again and re-test to insure a perfect match.

This took a good amount of time and she was watching over me the whole damn time. It was important because there were no refunds on custom tinted paint and so we made damn sure it was spot on, which this was. As i was completed the last of the buckets I tore away one of the paint samples she brought in and clipped it to my clipboard, don't know why but i did for one reason or another and sent her on her way.

That was about 11am and i went on my lunch break around 2 o'clock and return around 2:30 to be greeted by the 6 buckets staring me in the isle. WTF!? I guess while i was at lunch the lady returned ranting and raving about me not being capable enough to match her color. She was beyond herself and i was nowhere to be found so he refunded her the entire purchase. I than showed him the paint sample I was given and how closely it matched hers and how she made me test and re test each bucket. No fucking way was there any mistake. When he saw the sample i had kept and saw it matched perfectly he knew she got away with getting refunded a custom order.

Now, it gets nuts. That same day we have 2 people call in sick and so I find I have to work a open to close. I'm not happy but what the hell. About 5pm this guy is in the department looking at paint and asks about the 6 5 gallon buckets stacked up in mis-tint area. I say they are not mistakes but were returned. He says well if they are returns are they mistints? I say not these because I will make sure I sell them at full price and not 75% off like we normally do for mistints. He say's they seem to be marked like all the other mistakes are you sure they arn't? Now a little bell goes off in my head but I tell the guy "no, the cashier marked them when we mistakenly refunded them for a customer". He asks again are you sure they are not mistakes, maybe you should ask your manager? I say no way they are not mistakes. He turns and leaves and a few minutes returns with the asst manager in tow explaining how these are marked returned and should be reduced. Because I was the one who tinted the paint i explained to the Asst Mgr the situation and what had happened and told the Asst Mgr no way should we mark down these buckets. Now the guy is getting edgy and a little puffy and is trying to coerce the manager into marking down the buckets. He than tells the customer that he has to contact the store manager to get his approval to mark down something like this. The guy is getting a bit more angry and and is really trying to press the issue but the Asst Mgr says come back in an hour, which would be about 8 pm. Meanwhile, I now take my dinner break and go grab a bite to eat and I take a seat and across the room who do I see? Why it's the very same guy who wanted to buy the paint sitting with the very same lady who I tinted the paint for. Are you fucking kidding me? No shit, there they were talking and oblivious to the world and to me. So i raced back to the store and grabbed the Asst Manager who was on the phone talking to the store manager about the markdown when I said check this shit out, and told them we were being scammed by these two. So when he returned the Asst manager said sorry these are not mistakes and we will price them at their normal price. The guy flipped a bitch and tried to demand we sell him these buckets at 75% off because they were marked mis-tint but we said no fucking way. So, cussing and huffing and threatening he purchased all 6 buckets at our regular price. What some people will do huh?

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