[CJ] Confessions

it's been almost a year since i last saw you/ you walked out of my life. for the first time in my life i had someone that smiled the way that you did/ spoke the way that you did to me. your warm aura is something that'll be impossible to replace. you looked out for me. you went out of your way to hang out with me. you bought me things and took me out when i couldn't afford it. you gave me confidence and just the brief moments of your time was enough for me to keep me motivated during some of the worst moments of my life. im not sure what happened for you to cut me of entirely. but just know i still struggle with it every day. i still think about you every day. i cry when im alone. i see how easy it was for you to find someone new/better. and how could you not. you were one of the most beautiful women ive ever meet and i was surprised in the first place you took an interest in me. can't say i was surprised by how it ended. but it really really hurts. and i don't think ill feel about anyone the way i felt about you

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