CM Punk not interested in MMA fight with YouTube star Logan Paul

"Boxers tend to not cut as much weight as MMA fighters."

Yes in the lower divisions - - 135, 140, 147, 154, 160, etc are all small jumps in weight. But Logan boxed at 200 lbs, the division below that is 175 lbs.

Also we're talking about a mixed martial arts fight between the two and in this scenario we only have three options for weight divisions however none of them are ideal for both men.

205 lbs (LHW): Logan Paul could easily make this weight but CM Punk would have to bulk up quite a bit outside his natural weight. And at that point he's just giving Paul all the advantages.

185 lbs (MW): This is the most realistic weight division but again not really fair because Punk wouldn't have to cut much if any weight while Logan would need to diet and cut down about 15-25 lbs depending on his walk around weight.

170 lbs (WW): This is CM Punks weight class but it's too low for Logan Paul, even if we're being generous and saying he walks around at 200 lbs that's a large weight cut and if he made it he'd likely be pretty depleted the following day.

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