CMV: It really doesn’t make sense that legal age gap relationships are as shunned as they are

Someone significantly older is usually going to have more money, a more established career, maybe their own home, their own car, more experience with relationships, more general life experience.

Then this needs to be expressed as the issue, not simply the age gap. There is nothing inherently wrong with a 25 year old dating a 50 year old. Any issues you have are not to do with age, but potential power imbalance, but this can be an issue for people the same age.

The issue with what you ultimately have issue with means logically are you also opposed to rich people dating poor people their own age? Someone who's traveled more, had more education, worked more varied jobs, had more partners, shouldn't date someone who hasn't done as much? As your issue with age gaps is a power imbalance... but that can be present without an age gap.

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