CMV: "Don't chase people" is bad advice. If you love someone to get them.

I feel like I see variations of this advice everywhere. Here's Taylor Swift saying to never text a guy twice i a row, which, as a guy, baffles me. If a woman texts me twice and is excited to see me, sometimes that kinda turns me on? Depends on how they express themselves.

If someone you like does that yes, and then you would have texted back. But it obviously depends on one's relationship with that person and sometimes one simply needs to ask something again before having received a response.

I assume you would not like it to receive multiple texts from someone whom you do not like.

In any case, the advice is not so much for one's own strategies, but to be considerate of others.

If you love someone it's okay to try hard to get them to love you back or even embarrass yourself a bit. Like why not? If it doesn't work out then you've done nothing wrong, and if it does work out then it's great. Sometimes people are going through something, or have baggage that makes it hard for them to trust, or just need time. There's nothing wrong with any of that.

To be considerate of the other person who might very well find that annoying.

Obviously this doesn't apply to, like, stalking or harassment or whatever. Hopefully the line between chasing and stalking is clear and we don't need to get into that. But busting your ass to show affection to someone you love hoping that they'll come around? I can't see the issue. Worst case scenario you're sad later, but that's always the risk with love.

The stalker rarely considers himself such.

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