CMV: Tiktok and social media is influencing the sexuality and gender identity of a lot of Gen Z'ers

I have seen that explanation before. But one thing that didn't happened when they "legalized" being left handedness was that there wasn't tiktok where lefties talked about how great life was now that they could openly be left handed.

There was no tiktok with content creators saying how dark and bleak their world was, then once they accepted the truth that they were lefties, it was like a cloud disappeared over their head and they're happy now.

A gay person in the 90's, sure absolutely, they're gay because they're gay of their own accord, and even in spite of all the backlash from society. An LGBT gen Z'er has so much positive content thrown at them saying how being a closeted gay person is hard and that coming out was the most freeing experience. Or how now that someone is outwardly trans, that their life is so much better despite all the bumps in the road of coming out.

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