CMV: infertility is the main reason that kids should not go through gender affirming care

Certainly, I understand your concerns about the potential impact of gender affirming care on children's fertility. However, I believe that the benefits of allowing children to access gender affirming care outweigh the potential risks.

First, it's important to note that not all children who undergo gender affirming care will experience infertility. While the medications you mentioned can have the potential to cause infertility, this is not a universal outcome. Additionally, many transgender individuals may choose to pursue alternative methods of having biological children, such as using donor sperm or eggs, or adopting.

Second, delaying medical treatment until adulthood can cause significant harm to transgender individuals. Gender dysphoria can be a painful and isolating experience, and for many, medical interventions like puberty blockers and hormone therapy can provide significant relief. Delaying access to these treatments can result in prolonged suffering and worsened mental health outcomes, such as depression and anxiety.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue gender affirming care should be made on an individual basis, with the guidance of medical professionals and the support of the child's family. While infertility may be a potential risk, it's important to weigh this against the benefits of improved mental health and quality of life for transgender individuals.

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