CMV: Modern women only compare the richest 1% of men to the past to ALL of women when they invoke the "women used to be oppressed" card. The truth is men were just as oppressed.

You could use this logic with anything really. Black people in America had it worse than white people in the past, doesn't mean white people had a good life. The English had it better than the Irish, but the poor English didn't have a good life. Jewish people in WW2 had it worse than the English, but the English didn't have a good time when their houses were being bombed.

Comparison of struggles doesn't help anyone. Accepting what went on and accepting that the world needs to be a better place for everyone is better. Comparing women being used for breeding, SA, not having a choice in marraige, being beaten, not being allowed vote, not allowed money etc., is not a comparison of men being forced to go to war, struggling to get money, backbreaking labour etc., because they are inherently different struggles. Neither is better or worse. Many would rather go to war than be SA, but many would also rather be SA'd. Many would rather do back breaking work than be forced to marry someone you hate and have his children, many wouldn't.

Men and women can't compare struggles. A man will never know the pain of childbirth. A woman will never understand the responsibility of being the protector.

Both struggles are horrible, and I hope we can get as far away from them as possible.

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