Cmv: impregnating a woman 10 years older than me is a good idea

Having children is an adult decision You do not sound like an adult. Adults will give having and raising a child some thought. Barring an unexpected pregnancy, adults will make their future child's wellbeing and happiness a priority. Having a child is a lifelong and legal commitment. Having a child is not simple. Have you discussed finances? How can you guarantee you will visit your child every few months (as you say) once you are working full-time? You have to work full-time cause you gotta pay for your kid. What if you get into a fight with the mother, or she moves away, or just decides she doesn't want you in her child's life? Have you talked about what will happen if something happens to the mother? The mother's relatives would probably get custody -- would they allow you to see the child? Why would a child want a relationship with you? Don't you think a teenager would carry a lot of resentment toward a father who has made it crystal clear that they are not a priority in his life? I think you have painted a cute little picture in your head. Life is complicated. Pop the bubble.

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