A company makes their games more inclusive of all people. Gamers: What The FUCK

"Trap" isn't transphobic at least to Japanese people.

Unlike burger land Japan doesn't have a massive history of bigotry to them trap is just "Cross dresser".

I mean assuming the rest of the world is the same as the U.S is idiotic, to say the least no offence.

Trap to me can be harmless and be a slur it really depends on the context.

If someone on MAL asks "Any good trap anime?" isn't transphobic

Now someone on gender critical saying "Trans=traps" is transphobic.

Its not like the N word when no matter what its racist.

Idk my view is probably becuase I used trap for ages before it became a "slur".

TLDR: The U.S isnt the only place on earth you moron you fucking dumbass\$ . Trap can be harmless and a slur it depends on context.

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