Competitive? Isolating?

From my observation, I see people giving advice that seems to be tiered almost only to T14s. So if your grades/LSAT don't fit that niche, then it is sometimes difficult to get advice about law schools that you maybe interested in outside those ranks, and people come on and bash the schools because of their non T 14 rankings. For example, I often see people hating on UC Hastings because it has gone down in rank over the years, but I applied there, and I now see there is a waitlist, so apparently people are interested in that school. Also, I was just checking a few SF bay area law firms, and I saw many new Associates from UC Hastings who apparently got jobs from Hastings that were relatively well paying. Some handles I saw most interested in bashing some of the CA schools, were people who later mentioned, well I don't really know anything about the CA market or even CA. You don't really know the posters backgrounds, maybe they need to stay in a certain area to take care of family, and/or got a scholarship from a locally ranked school. So just coming on and telling someone to retake, doesn't really account for why they applied to that school, their personal reasons for applying there, and that the school was maybe the best school they could get into for whatever reason . There are some really nice people on this reddit, and maybe some others you don't care for, but all in all I have gotten valuable advice here.

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